Escaping Corona - 5 of the most remote campsites in Australia

Depending on where you live in Australia, current laws affect your ability to travel. If you live in NSW you currently can't go to QLD, and if you live in QLD you can't got to SA, and us poor Victorians.. well we can't even leave Melbourne.

But what happens when the state borders open up again? Like me, you probably have thought about escaping the confines of the human made world to forget what 2020 has thrown us. 

Below we have hand picked our best off the beaten track sites: 

Gulf Region, NT

bessie springs

By this we are talking about the Gulf Track from Borroloola to Normanton. This track gets the 4X4 into some of Australia’s wildest and most remote areas. Hot, Tropical and remote, this is as far into the outback as you can get. 

WE highly recommend the McArthur River, around two hours south of Borroloola. Superb fishing and even canoeing, these waters are known for Australia's best freshwater sport fish - barramundi. Crossing the river along Burketown Crossing will take you east along the Savannah Way. 

Of all the remote and boundless spots to camp, our favourite is Seven Emu Station, owned by Traditional Owner, Frank Shadforth. There are riverside campsites that will take your breath awaty. Known for its birdlife and also the odd croc or two!

Bunda Cliffs, Nullarbor, SA 

bunda cliffs

The Bunda Cliffs Lookout overnight stay camping area is located app. 75km east of border village on the southern side of the Eyre Highway. This overnight rest area and day use provides great views of the Bunda Cliffs, Whale watching opportunities, photo opportunities but has no facilities meaning you will need to be fully self-sufficient.

Cape Range National Park, WA 

cape range national park

Cape Range national park is a huge natonal park in Northern WA, and the coast here is one of the best access points to the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Marine Park. You've got it all - White sands, crystal-clear bays, coral reef and rich marine life meet coastal plains and dunes that morph into rugged limestone ranges and gorges. Again camping facilities are limited so bring with you what you need! 


Little Blue Lake, Tasmania. 

little blue lake

While not the most remote campsite on our list, Little Blue lake may be the prettiest. It’s located between the towns of Derby (well known for its mountain bike trails) and Gladstone, around 1 hour 45 minutes drive from Launceston. Although it may not look natural - The colouring is caused by the white clay reflecting back the blue from the sky above (and also some excess Tin mining runoff). The area was previously a big tin mining region but has since stopped. Although this spot is still relatively unknown, it is gaining attention quickly and may not be a secret for much longer! 


Warrumbungle National Park NSW, 


In Australia's most populous state you can still find some hidden gems. 

So hidden, Warrumbungle is actually Australia's only Dark Sky Park. What's a dark Sky Park? It's a park that has zero light pollution making it the perfect spot for stargazing, amateur astronomy and camping under the starriest of skies. Remember it takes 15 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark.