Stuff we love but don't sell: Breville Fan

Hi campers,

We at Zeit are starting a regular blog segment based on stuff we love but don't sell. We also don't have any affiliation with any of these products, simply big fans (pardon the pun) 

Our staff and customers are very in the camping community and almost every change of season there are some new products in one shape or another. Our first product is one we tried on a trip to QLD over summer. Although there is plenty of products to keep you warm at night, this is one of the best at keeping you cool. 


Breville "The Pop Fan"

Going from the comforts of home to camping is now getting easier with this portable long lasting fan. Breville's new fan is a stunner of a design, it has a foldable design - from the photo above (to the photo below) and a lot of angles in between. Meaning you can set it up almost anywhere and still get the air on you and then pack it up and it's easily stored. 


A long-lasting battery of up to 15 hours on low speed and up to 4 hours on high speed will easily get you through a warm QLD night, or if you are in the southern states that get cold at night after a hot day, crank it to the top speed and it lasts 4 hours. Don't even need to get up to switch it off!  Once the battery is depleted, simply recharge the fan using the micro usb port. It's also super quiet with only 32dBA. 

And, also for fires! Our neighbours at a campsite could not believe how quickly their fire started with the fan we brought over to them, they had been trying for over an hour with some damp wood. The pop fan is light enough to hold directly in front of the flames. You beauty. 

Downsides: probably the only downside is the time it takes to charge the battery, we felt like if we didn't leave it charging most of the day it wouldn't last the whole night. which means you can't use it at the beach all day then in your Teepee at night.

Spending hundreds of dollars on sleeping bags and warm clothes is definitely worth it, but the Breville fan is for the warm nights and hard to start fires and is only $70. It made our QLD trip a breeze. 

You can buy them online just search "Breville The Pop Fan".